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Our Clientele

Reveal Interior Design is a perfect match for those who are looking for top-notch expertise, communication and of course design sense and curation for their remodel or furnishing projects. Often our clients are busy individuals or families looking for a design professional to walk them through and collaborate in the creation of their next level space. We customize to individual wants and needs, completing a successfuly utilized room for years of enjoyment.

Whether you are purchasing a new home, selling your home or looking to remodel your current home, we are here to help be your partner!

Service Packages

Reveal Interior Design provides 'complete curation' services for your project. From initial design concepts to the meticulous handling of all design aspects and deliverables, including dedicated oversight during the installation phase, we manage every facet of transforming your interior space(s).Our core mission is to revitalize spaces using our exclusive REVEAL IQ system, an all-encompassing process that crafts a bespoke design through visual boards, scaled plans, 3D renderings, and sourcing all necessary finishing materials to establish a harmonious and captivating environment tailored to your preferences. 

We offer two types of design service: 
kitchen 5.jpg
 Complete Curation Renovations 

Where you are looking to fully remodel a space such as a single bathroom or kitchen and more often mutliple spaces or whole home design and renovation.  Includes our REVEAL IQ phased process from preliminary concepts to final detailed design and installation collaboration. 

secondary bed 2.jpg
Complete Curation Furnishings

Where we source furnishings, accessories and decor for a single or multiple spaces in your home. Includes our REVEAL IQ phased process from preliminary concepts to final detailed design and installation collaboration.

...or Combine Services

We may also combine our service offerings of renovation and furnishing complete curation for one or more spaces for you for an entire home re-design, establishing the utmost cohesive space one can feel confident in.
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