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Service Packages

Designed To Serve You

Choose one, some or all service packages that best suites your needs.

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Drafting Package

Have a space you want to use every inch fully and efficiently? Or want a room that each transition has purpose and is aesthetically pleasing?

Reveal Interior Design is known for its impeccable detailed drafting plans.

Whether you need just a basic layout for furniture placement, plans for design explanation, bidding and construction or full permit level plans, we can help you with as much or as little detail as your project requires.

*Each package is priced to your project specifications

A detailed proposal will be customized for each opportunity and created after an Introductory Design Consultation where we can meet with you at your home and define the scope details together. 

Rendering Package

In need of a 3D view before fully committing to your project design? We understand how hard it can be to visualize a new design by just a few product pictures or a 2D plan. Our three rendering levels are as follows:

  1. Basic Still Views

  2. Photo Realistic Still Views

  3. 360 Panorama Photo Realistic Renderings

*Each package is priced to your project specifications

Selections Package

Need help picking out finish materials for your project? We are here for you to ensure a cohesive design is created, whether you are working with one room, multiple spaces or the entire home, we can create a beautiful design that encompases your style, functional and aestetic needs for day to day life and entertaining your friends and family. 

Selections for any type of interior project may include but not limited to:

  • Hard Surfaces for your kitchen and bath project (cabinetry, paint, doors/windows, plumbing and lighting fixtures, tile and countertop, accessories like mirrors and towel bars)

  • Soft Goods for your bedroom, office or living room (sofa, tables, chairs, bedframe, desk, bedding)

  • Art and Decor (wall or sculptural art, table lamps, area rugs, decorative bowls and candles, throw pillows)

*Each package is priced to your project specifications. Contact us for more details on product discounts and fees. 

Design Managment Services

Every project and homeowners needs are different when it comes to the installation phase of the project. We offer our hourly services on an 'as needed basis' during the construction/ installation phase of a project for recommendations, suggestions or advisement. There will ALWAYS be inquiries from your contractor or installer on details of the project, no matter how specific our plans, rendering or project notes are for you so we offer our time in the event you need our guidance during this phase of your project. 

Examples of billable time for assistance during construction or installation phase: 

  • Contractor bidding meetings.  Explain details of desgin intent for construction bidding purposes

  • Installation overview, installer inquiries.  Example: Where to install the first tile on the bathroom shower wall or exact location of sofa or artwork on the wall. 

  • Design adjustments after design approval. Example: Your contractor opened the wall you planned to demo and determined an important pipe and therefor need designers guidance on options to adjust the design to keep the wall or determine alternate ways to relocate the pipe while not fully blowing up your budget. NOTE: If the design deliverables need to be adjusted such as the plans, renderings or reselcting of materials, additional fees may be required. 

*Contact us for our hourly rate and more details

eDesign Services

What is eDesign you ask? eDesign is a fully remote option for interior design services. Many design offerings are possible remotely, especially if our client's are able and available to assist with some on-site necessities. Communication and accuracy are very important aspects to the success of any eDesign project. We think of eDesign as a more collaborative service where we work even closer with our clients to ensure all the details are just right.

During a typical eDesign project, we may request your assistance with certain things we normally take care of when we have in-person meetings. We will be asking for photos and detailed measurements of current spaces which may include furniture, cabinetry and finish fixtures. Photo's really are worth a thousand words to us as it tells us so much more of the story in how a space feels and looks to all using it, having a photo of each corner of the room as well as close up photos of important pieces may be requested to ensure a cohesive space is developed properly for you and your home. 

Best practice of communication with eDesign projects are phone, virtual meetings and emails. Whether you are located in the same city or across the country from our office, eDesign is a great service you can utilize for your ease and comfort.  

*Each package is priced to your project specifications. 

Introductory Design Contultation

Single 2 Hour Meeting

This single meeting can be utilized for many needs, whether you want to interview your designers prior to hiring them on a big project or looking just for some general advice that you can take and run with for the rest of your project. This meeting allows us to learn more about your project and provide solid experienced advice as we walk the spaces and disucss your needs and wants. 

For more information, you can review and book our consult below

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