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Real Estate Design Consult

Are you a home owner looking to sell a home quickly and for the highest dollar?

Are you purchasing a home and looking for professional guidance to make it your own?

Or Perhaps....

You are a real estate agent that needs design assistance for their buying or selling clients...

Our Real Estate Design Consult is for anyone looking for guidance on things they can do in preparation to sell a home quicker and for the highest amount. We are currently offering staging services WITH your current furnishings and can recommend other staging companies if you require separate furniture to stage your home to sell.


This Real Estate Design Consulting service can also provide design advice for new home owners during or after escrow. Including 3rd party advisement for new build in or out of the builders showroom.


Reveal Interior Design offers many great                                and design discounts for materials you may need (flooring, plumbing fixtures, countertops, window coverings, etc.) and can recommend amazing contractors that can help get your project done quickly and correctly.

Click              for all services or                             for a free exploration call or introductory meeting consultation.

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