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eDesign Services

What is eDesign you ask? eDesign is a fully remote option for interior design services. Many design offerings are possible remotely, especially if our client's are able and available to assist with some on-site necessities. Communication and accuracy are very important aspects to the success of any eDesign project. We think of eDesign as a more collaborative service where we work even closer with our clients to ensure all the details are just right.

During a typical eDesign project, we may request your assistance with certain things we normally take care of when we have in-person meetings. We will be asking for photos and detailed measurements of current spaces which may include furniture, cabinetry and finish fixtures. Photo's really are worth a thousand words to us as it tells us so much more of the story in how a space feels and looks to all using it, having a photo of each corner of the room as well as close up photos of important pieces may be requested to ensure a cohesive space is developed properly for you and your home. 

Best practice of communication with eDesign projects are phone, virtual meetings and emails. Whether you are located in the same city or across the country from our office, eDesign is a great service you can utilize for your ease and comfort.  

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