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Drafting Services


Whether you are in need of basic sketches or even conceptual 3D drawings for furniture layout, or perhaps in need of detailed plans for a larger project, Reveal Interior Design is a great choice for your next design project. 

We are known for our extreme attention to detail in our drafting blueprints, we feel that by doing so, you leave no small detail undetermined. Many rooms in a home need layers of plans so that not only the design is clear and precise to the home owner but the contractors and trades also on the project are able to distinctly define their scope and most importantly pricing and timeline. 

Our plans can be provided for custom cabinetry in any room, kitchen and bathroom design or for a new home layout. Our 2D and 3D offerings are available together or separately. 

We are proud to hear from many of our fellow designers, architects and tradespeople that our plans are more detailed than most they have seen. We take pride in our precision and meticulous attention to detail using our professional drafting software.

Our drafting package can be grouped with finish design, procurement and design management for your project or can simply be provided A-La-Carte. Click            for all services or                          for a free exploration call or introductory meeting consultation.

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