We strongly believe that if you have a solid process and plan that the overall project will run smoother and with more confidence for all than projects without. Within our full 15-step design managment process, part of that is dedicated specifically for the creative design process portion of our project (see below). For full design and development projects Reveal Interior Design follows the following steps within our design process to ensure we are efficient, always have a full understanding of the needs and wants from our clients and of course following a budget that you are comfortable with.

For the best results, we highly recommend to complete your design in full prior to construction starting. This allows you to take your time in the design developement process, making sure the floor plan is perfect for your needs and all the finishes are considered in depth to give you not only a beautiful space but ensure it's fully functional for you. 

Alternatively, designing during construction is stressful for everyone. You will undoubtedly find yourself making important decsions in the 11th hour which will ultimately leave you with a space your feeling unsatisfied with.  Without thinking through each detail in advance, there is always a piece of the puzzle that is changed multiple times which results in wasting your time and money.  

Dependent on the project size and complexity, our design process (shown below) can range from six weeks to six months, with an average of three months. This timeline excludes introductory design consultations, procurment of materials for the installation phase. 




Our full design and development projects will also include design managment which continues our involvment during the construction phase. It is important to us after spending the time to make your design perfect for you that we are there to ensure that design is created to our vision we developed together. Ask us for a full list of our 15-Step Process enveloping our full involvement in your project.